Good Afternoon Sisters and Brothers,
If you’ve seen the news, you’ll know that the JANUS v. AFSCME decision was released today from the Supreme Court. The 5-4 decision is not surprising as the anti-union conservative Justices were not shy in voicing their opinion. You can read the decision in entirety here
We encourage all locals to speak to their members about why this is a negative decision for unions and rally around a fight to flip Congress in 2018.  Attached is the IATSE the social media guidance for the Janus decision, we ask all Locals to post something to social media in solidarity. Also, if you have not forwarded on the IATSE JANUS toolkit, please help us get it out to all the Locals in your district as long with the IATSE Right to Work Survey
As President Loeb has stated: “Although, this decision does not bode well for our nation’s unions. I have faith in the tenacity and perseverance of our union sisters and brothers. We have face these challenges before in the history of our union and won. We must move forward from the today and continue to grow and strengthen our unions regardless of the laws. We did not need permission from our nation’s government for form a union in 1893 and we do not need it now”. 
In Solidarity, 
Erika Dinkel-Smith
Legislative/Political Director
Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

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