Adam Braunstein

Vice President

212-333-2500 ext 126

Adam Braunstein is a proud 3rd generation Stagehand.
He started working in the local’s jurisdiction in 1977, received his Local One card in September of 1984, and is grateful every day for the honor.

Work history:

Adam is currently the Vice president of Local One and the TET Fund's Director of training. When not working on the educational efforts of the Local, he is the Local One Crew Chief at Madison Square Garden. Before that, he worked on Broadway, in television and on industrials.


Adam is a high school graduate with two years of college studying Business and Basketball. His most important education was working side by side with the generation of talented men and women that came before him.

Service to Local One:

Adam served as a Shop Steward in the Cort Theater for a number of productions. He was also one of the Trustees to the General Fund for a term before becoming the Vice President of Local One. He is currently the Director of Training for the T.E.T. Fund of Local One.

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