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Robert (Toby) McDonough has been working in the Local One jurisdiction for the past 38 years. He is a third generation stagehand whose Grandfather received his Union Card from Local One in 1917. This repesents OVER 100 years the McDonough Family is in the business. The McDonough family is spans four generations in our Local. 

He is married with four children: Matthew, Bobby, Christian and Jillian. He and his wife Joanne have been happily married for the past 33 years. 

Toby gives all the credit for any and all his success in his life to his father, Thomas A. McDonough, who passed away July 22nd, 1995. "He was my hero, my friend and mentor. He told me that education is something they can never take away from you; never make fun of someone else's religion...they may have the right one and finally; always get the last word in when arguing with your wife........"Yes Dear." He was also the very first MVP of the Broadway Show League. Obviously, an impossible act to follow. 

Work as Local One Member

Toby worked at several venues throughout the jurisdiction since 1981 including various theatres, Hudson Scenic, Radio city Music Hall, Madison Square Garden as well as various industrials in hotels and events in Central Park. 


Toby received a Bachelor's Degree from the Adelphi University School of Business in 1983. His Major was Finance with a Minor in Management. He is also a Licensed New York State General Real Estate Appraiser. This Professional Designation allows him to appraise any Residential or Commercial property in the State of New York 

Service to Local One

Toby was voted in as Financial Secretary in May of 2001. He served the Union proudly for six years. In 2006, he was appointed Alternate Trustee to the Pension, Welfare and Annuity Funds of Local One. Due to the untimely death of Treasurer Donald B. Kleinschmidt in February 2007, Toby was appointed Acting Treasurer. In May of the same year, Toby ran unopposed for the position of Treasurer and was voted in by the membership on May 6th, 2007. 

Associations & Honors

"Toby" is a New York State Licensed General Real Estate Appraiser. He has attended and received credit for several International Foundation courses in regard to Health Care, Pension Fund Management and Annuity Fund Investments. He was recently a guest speaker at the Argyle Investment forum in New York City to discuss the Taft-Hartley side of Pension Investments. He is Co-Chair of the Budget, Benefits and Political Action Committee along with President Claffey. He is also a Trustee to the Pension, Welfare ,Annuity and TET Funds.  

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