March 29, 2020

Good morning Brothers and Sisters,
First, an overdue message for our over 700 Local One retirees. Be advised our active membership, Executive Board members, officers and staff send our sincerest regards to you during these uncertain and very troubling times. The Union’s Trustees, Officers and appointed representatives are now in the process of calling all 700 Local One retirees to personally check on how you‘re doing, letting you know the Union is safe, sound, and still here for you and always thinking of you. Be assured your April 1st Pension Fund distribution is on its way and the greatest local in the land remains strong. The overwhelming majority of our active members are unemployed, hurting and concerned at this time, but everybody knows the membership of Local One is like no other. Our Union continues to search for every possible avenue to support each other and our family’s while we persevere through this unprecedented crisis. Through this all, Local One I.A.T.S.E. is and will remain strong.
For our brothers and sisters awaiting vacation checks, please be advised the following employers will also be mailing out vacation checks this week, in addition to those employers previously announced:
The David H. Koch Theater
The Circle in The Square
The Shubert Organization
The Nederlander Organization
The Jujamcyn Organization
The Ambassador Theater Group
(The Lyric Theater & The Hudson Theater)
Madison Square Garden
Be advised all members regularly employed by Madison Square Garden will be receiving additional information in their MSG E-Mail boxes. Again, refer to “Hourly Events Driven Employees.” Continue to monitor messages.
MSG VENUES: Madison Square Garden
                            Radio City Music Hall
                            The Beacon Theater
Kindly standby for further announcements.
James J. Claffey Jr.
Local One I.A.T.S.E.

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