March 28, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you may know I’m in recovery almost 8 years for alcohol and substance abuse. In this time of crisis, we are all confined to our homes. Most Alcohol Anonymous meetings are closed and many alcoholic and addicts are left alone. Isolation is a dangerous thing for those in recovery, especially without a network of meetings or fellowship. 


I recently have been on a site called Zoom. Zoom is an app that works like Skype or FaceTime. It’s easy to download from the App Store to your computer/laptop/tablet or phone. You can create a free account or if you want to start your own meeting with your personal support group you pay a monthly fee. There is a multitude of meetings and times for each day of the week. 


To access remote meetings:

•Go to

•Click the link “Find Remote A.A. Meetings”

•In the search bar type the name of any group.

You will be directed to a new page with a link to that meeting, click the link to join. 


If you are a part of a group in your area that you regularly attend, reach out to a group member who can provide you with the group link. 


New York Intergroup’s website has basic instructions on how to navigate the meeting once you join them. 


If you have trouble getting on the site, feel free to call or text me. If I’m unable to pick up, I will get back to you. I will gladly walk you through it.


I know some of you may be closed minded to this in the beginning, as I was. If you keep an open mind to this, it can help and possibly save your life as well as keep your sanity. It’s actually pretty cool when you get a few meetings under your belt. Remember “Meeting Makers” make it!! Don’t let the disease of addiction take you out during these toughest of times.


In Solidarity,

Bobby Terrill Jr.

Replacement Room Chairman 


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