Dear Brothers & Sisters, 

My very best to you and your families.
I truly wish our country had better news. While reports of expanding COVID-19 cases spread across the country, it is only made worse by the lack of action taken by the United States Senate to help all Americans who are unemployed due to the ongoing pandemic. The $600 federal weekly unemployment supplement provided to all unemployed Americans will now cease with no worthy replacement until further discussions and federal action. My concern and worry grows as yours does, as wasted time and lack of action by the Senate is tragic for the financial well-being of our members and all U.S. workers. 
I’m optimistic that a plan to help the unemployed people of our country will eventually be provided, but easily identified philosophical divide remains between parties; The Democratic Senate members want to help people put out of work through no fault of their own, while a Republican Senate that initiated trillions of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and providing additional corporate welfare, baulk at the notion of extending much needed financial benefits for unemployed Americans that have been put out of work through no fault of their own. This information is not an opinion, but facts, and elections have consequences. The labor movement will continue to lobby hard for measures designed to help people recover from the economic crisis we’re living in.
To learn more on the political debate in providing extended relief, click onto the following links: 
Millions of people will see a sharp drop in their unemployment benefits because Congress failed to act.
As Covid-19 crisis deepens, Congress skips town.  
It’s obvious a comprehensive package is needed, and now is the time for the United States Senate to act. The Union will continue to provide you contact information to encourage our leaders in federal government to act on behalf of Local One, the IATSE, and all workers across the country devastated economically by COVID 19.
The old adage brothers and sisters, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”, meaning things always seem to get worse before they get better - well the darkest days continue to be upon us, and even in these worst of circumstances, we must maintain hope. Today, there is news of more than just hope for a vaccine. Several big Pharma companies are motivated by many billions of dollars to develop a vaccine and they are getting close. Our federal government will soon deliver some type of relief, frankly due to this being an election year. If your Union was able to do more, we would surely be doing it.
Please continue to think of each other- the Greatest Local in the Land is like no other. “Local One Strong” ☝️

I remain, at your service.

In Solidarity, 
James J. Claffey Jr.
Local One I.A.T.S.E. 

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