March 14, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please be advised the Union is still in discussions with all our employers about providing our crews with some income during closures, as well as safety and health measures for our venues in operation.

In that regard, there are some employers who are doing the right thing for our crews, providing some income beyond what our contracts require them too. Other employers are unwilling, or advising they are unable to.

The Union is still making our best attempts.

Our Broadway League discussions continued till 8pm last night. There will be one more meeting with the League this afternoon (3pm today) and I hope to be able to report that we were able to get them to agree to provide something for their show crews. Be assured I have asked The Broadway League and all Local One employers whose venues are closed, to release our vacation checks earlier than contractually required, so our members have some income. Some of our members will soon find out their employers have agreed to a release, while I await the Broadway League’s response on that as well.

The Met Opera advised me last night they are unable to meet with the Union this Monday, but they are attempting to gather their attorneys to meet with Local One on Tuesday. The Union is very cognizant of our many Met Opera steady extras who will be struggling financially, as hundreds of other members throughout our jurisdiction will be as well. The Union is appealing the Met Opera’s decision to not allow our crew members use of sick leave and vacation time. I will provide more information after the Union meets with them in the coming week.

Be advised the Union has also been in communication with our Television Network employers, as well as our Shop employers.

I continue to appreciate our membership’s patience, recognizing that is very difficult at this time. Standby for further reports as the Union continues to explore every option to assist you. Be well Brothers and Sisters.

In Solidarity.

James J. Claffey Jr.
Local One I.A.T.S.E.


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