Dear Sisters and Brothers,

My best to you and your families. Please stay safe with today’s snowstorm that continues till tomorrow.
A vaccine update - the FDA will hopefully find Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine good enough to grant it emergency use approval. With a single shot, Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is about 70% effective against the virus and Moderna scientists have favorable views on Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine too. See more in the links below:
● Another Promising Vaccine, This One From Johnson & Johnson
● Johnson & Johnson COVID Shot ‘Darn Good’
President Biden has called on the Department of Defense (DOD) to coordinate with the Department of Health and Human Services in the war on COVID-19. The DOD has just now awarded Ellume USA, LLC. $232M to provide 640,000 COVID-19 tests per day. These are non-prescription, simple at home kits that take fifteen minutes, and give results via a smart phone app. Read more here:
● DOD Awards $231.8 Million Contract to Ellume
Added vaccines and rapid tests will help mitigate the pandemic, and the faster that happens, the faster we can get back to work. Our struggle continues, but so does our resolve and our fight to get through this pandemic. Please stay strong for your families, your Union, and each other.
Local One Strong ☝️
In Unity,
James J. Claffey Jr.
Local One I.A.T.S.E.

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