July 21, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Union is extremely excited with the recent reopening of Hudson Scenic Studio’s on July 6, 2020. Congratulations to Brother (owner) Neil Mazzella and a great staff, for making it happen, and for the sophisticated safety measures and protocols established for the protection of all. President Claffey visited Hudson and our shop crew on July 7th and was very impressed with all the protocols and safety measures in place. He is grateful to Brother Mazzella for enacting them and taking the time to review all safety operations with him. A special thanks as well to Sister Dani Wolber for taking the time to walk President Claffey through the shop floor. More shop crew members have been added since the first week, as a credit to Hudson Scenic and the efforts to return.

Sincere thanks as well for Brother Mazzella’s kind gesture of carrying on the tradition of Local One delivering the Union stencil to the Shop’s (Hudson Scenic #31) Foreman. In the attached photo, that long tradition is carried out in the top row as President Claffey is handing off Hudson’s “38-year-old” stencil to recently appointed foreman, Brother Chuck Adomanis. Hudson Scenic Studios and Local One take great pride in Chuck’s appointment, establishing him as only the 3rd Foreman in Hudson’s 38-year history.

Congratulations and best of luck to Chuck.

Congratulations as well to retiring foreman, Brother Roger Bardwell, a true gentleman who for two and a half decades provided fine leadership and service in representation of both Hudson Scenic and Local One. Note Brother William “Billy” Taylor, the original heart and soul of a young Hudson, served as foreman through the 80’s and into the 90’s.

The re-opening of Hudson Scenic Studio’s is great news that our entire membership can use now. The 3,550 members of Local One offer best wishes for safety and success to Hudson, their staff, & the entire shop crew.


Robert C. Score

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