March 24, 2020
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I regret to have to inform you of the recent passing of three of our Brothers:
Retired Brother John Mareno, who worked on many Broadway shows, was born in 1930 and initiated into Local One in 1976.
Retired Brother Charles Gallo, a former Assistant Secretary of Local One, was born in 1947 and initiated into Local One in 1968.
Brother Geoffrey Waltz, who most recently was working at NBC, was born in 1981 and initiated into Local One in 2015.
All future memorial plans will be forwarded as soon as possible. Please excuse the use of one email for this information. It is not meant as any disrespect to our passed Brothers and their families but rather to expedite the information that is available at this time.
May they rest in peace. They will be missed by family and friends alike. 
Robert C. Score
Recording-Corresponding Secretary

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