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320 West 46th Street 
New York, NY 10036-8399
Telephone (212) 333-2500
Outside NYC (800) 745-0045
Fax (212) 586-2437 
Inquiries to: Recording-Corresponding Secretary Robert C. Score


President James J. Claffey Jr
Vice-President Adam Braunstein
Treasurer Robert Toby McDonough
Rec Corresponding Secretary Robert C. Score
Theatrical Business Mgr. Paul F. Dean Jr.
Theatrical Business Mgr. Kevin McGarty
Television Business Mgr. Edward j. McMahon Jr
Television Business Mgr. Robert Nimmo
Chairman, Board of Trustees Frank Lazarto
Trustee Joseph Valentino
Trustee Eileen Macdonald
Admin Secretary Michael A Caffrey
Financial Secretary Anthony Manno
Replacement Rm Chairman Bobby Terrill Jr

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